Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tissue Boxes

Spanish 1 students learn which countries speak Spanish.  Then they choose a country to research and decorate a box of tissue with their information.  Some elements that I ask them to include are the flaf, currency, exchange rate, leader, independence day, food, sport, music, population, interesting place to visit, and major exports.  On the bottom of the box they write 3 questions that can be answered easily by reading the box.  

Instead of formally sharing their peojects, I ask the students to choose a number of boxes to read and then answer the questions on the bottom of the box.  The author of each project then grades the work and can answer questions or help as needed.  It gets the kids moving, thinking, sharing, and taking some action.  The whole sharing activity lasted 15 minutes.  I kept all the boxes from one class and had the kids from my afternoon class donate amd deliver their box to another classroom in the building.