Guatemala 2010

In 2010 I traveled to Antigua, Guatemala with 6 very talented students who wanted to immerse themselves in language and culture.  For the bulk of the 12 days we stayed with local families.  Each day we would take breakfast with our family and then prepare for a walk through the old colonial town to our language school.  After four hours of intense language learning we walked back home to our families for lunch and then back to school for the afternoon activities.  Activities ranged from dance lessons, a local service project at an orphanage, zip lining, a tour of the city, shopping, a coffee plantation tour, a macadamian nut farm tour, a tour of the jade museum, and even a trip to the black sand beach of Monterrico.  At the end of the week we said goodbye to our families and boarded a small plane to the city of Tikal where we spent two days touring the ancient Mayan ruins.   
The famous "chicken busses"  can often be seen carrying livestock including chicken on the roof.
These are the colors and textures that help define this beautiful country!
Zip lining!!
The ancient Mayan city of Tikal and one of its pyramids.
Language school
Dance class
Lauren and Kayla pose with a young girl they were chatting with in the plaza.
Kayla and Lauren helping at the orphanage.
Ben teaching a child how to fold a paper airplane at the orphanage.
Maggie made a big impression on these girls at the orphange.

We visited a neighboring pueblo where women where these women are doing their laundry in the town square.

Nate coming in for a landing.
Another view of a long zip line run.

We zip lined over this long canyon.

Dinner at Tikal.  Chicken, cheese, rice, tomatoes, black beans and guacamole.
The black volcanic sand at Monterrico Beach.
The waves were rough on the beach and our group preferred to swim in the pool at the resort.
 Guatemala experienced heavy rainfall with landslides the week before we arrived.  Here the road is still covered with water.

 Nate could not say, "no" when he was approached by kids selling trinkets in the street.  He came home with a backpack full of woven bracelets, bookmarks, and other souvenirs!
 My host family made the best food!  Mmm

 Macadamia nuts

 Coffee cherries

 Here is Kayla getting off the 45 minute flight to Tikal.
 At the resort in Tikal
We got to climb one of the temples at Tikal and watch the rain forest come alive with this sunrise tour.  Here the fog is just lifting.

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