Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Students in Spanish 1 finished the first quarter by making a video.  After one quarter of Spanish they have learned how to distinguish 20 different questions and how to answer them verbally when spoken to.   They can talk about their classes, describe themselves and others, talk about how much things cost, discuss what they like and dislike. They can also respond to various commands and name some common objects.

Students in Spanish 2 are already finishing their 3rd novel of the year!  Ask them about the conflict between Pepe, Ana, and Jaime in the novel Casi se muere.

Students in Spanish 3 have really blossomed in their conversational skills!   Each class period we spend the first 10 minutes in conversation.  Students are expected to share something interesting, make a comment, and ask questions.  The conversations are moving more quickly and everyone is contributing!  We just started reading the novel Una mano en la arena.  Ask your student if they know why Virginia didn't want to go to La Playa de los Cangrejos.

Students in Spanish 4 really love learning how to construct sentences using the past and present subjunctive moods.  Grammatically,  they are able to read and write some pretty difficult sentences.  They have worked very hard over the last four years!!  They are currently studying art and artists from Mexico, Spain, and Colombia.